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Culture Shutdown: Day of Museum Solidarity

Mona Lisa Erased - photomontage by Azra Aksamija, 2013

Mona Lisa Erased – photomontage by Azra Aksamija, 2013

Please go here and learn about the Day of Museum Solidarity organized by CULTURE SHUTDOWN.

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chronicle of deaths foretold

1831, victor hugo announces that print will kill architecture. labrouste responds by designing a killer library.

1936, walter benjamin announces mechanical reproducibility will kill aura—or the notion of the original, in any case. at the same time, he makes a lot of his readers nostalgic for a lost aura they have just become aware of.

1964, marshall mcluhan announces that medium doesn’t kill but does take over the message. the message, overshadowed, despairs.

1979, the buggles announce that video has killed the radio star. on mtv. in my mind and in my car, we can’t rewind we’ve gone too far.

1980s. peter eisenman announces the end of the classical, the end of the beginning and the end of the end (1984). thousands of architects skip simulacra for perspecta. rem (not that one) thinks it’s the end of the world and we know it (and they feel fine). francis fukuyama announces the end of history (1989). marx and hegel turn over in their graves.

2010, architectural education is killed by the internet video. also, big kills rem but plots with oma and colin rowe comes back from the dead to tell us peter eisenman is still alive.

ps. image: one pencil’s paltry revenge

pps. also 2010, nicolas negroponte announces the book is dead, long live the narrative.

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on shrimp farms and mangrove trees

this post [soccer city in infrastructural context], by mammoth reminded me of the multiple environmental crisis that surround the barcelona stadium in gye [not that the stadium is related to them]. anyway, much more interesting than the estuary being filled up with garbage to create new territory by enterprising slum builders [as much as that’s actually pretty interesting, and i may post about it sometime] are the shrimp farms that are eating away at the fantastic mangrove trees that line the estuary [similar to new orleans, in gye we’re destroying the natural protection against floods and other natural disasters]. anyway, the image is scary and beautiful at the same time. you can find it here [pan north for the city, to the sides for more shrimp farms].

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sci-fi villain’s evil lair?

or, student dormitory. reminiscent of this guy, if you look at the pictures.

[link to google maps]

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