eahn 2014


I’m excited about presenting my work at EAHN 2014. I’m in the panel titled “Southern Crossings: Iberia and Latin America in Architectural Translation,” chaired by Marta Caldeira and María González Pendás. My presentation is titled “Reentry: Antonio Bonet’s return to Spain.”

I examine Antonio Bonet’s return to Spain in the context of the failure of the Barrio Sur urban development project in Buenos Aires (1956), commissioned by the short-lived, de facto government of Pedro Aramburu (who led the military coup that deposed populist president Juan Perón). I explain how Barrio Sur ’s failure was turned into success, providing the perfect narrative for Bonet’s return to Spain in the context of the “Spanish Miracle” and the liberalization of the Spanish economy in the late period of the Franco dictatorship. This episode, I argue, points to modern architecture’s turn from revolution to nostalgia.

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