2013-14 ACSA Awards

I am very happy that my article, “Prisoners of Ritoque: The Open City and the Ritoque Concentration Camp” has been selected for the JAE Scholarship of Design Award, as part of the 2013-14 ACSA Awards. This piece was so difficult and challenging to write, particularly for the parts that did not go into it–the stories of pain and suffering caused by the dictatorship. I am also very fortunate to have gotten detailed responses to the piece by Chilean colleagues, including architect Miguel Lawner, a prisoner himself at the camp. It has been a privilege for me to have him read my attempt to capture this complicated history. Finally, as the piece was in production I got to visit both the Open City and what little remains of the Ritoque concentration camp. You can see those images here. Many thanks to Josefina de la Maza and Germán Heufemann who made it possible. You can download the article here.

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