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systems and the south

the aggregate architectural history collaborative website is up! about aggregate:

The Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative is dedicated to advancing research and education in the history and theory of architecture. We generate, work-shop, present, and publish innovative scholarship from multidisciplinary perspectives. We are particularly interested in work that foregrounds the multiple ways in which one can understand architecture’s relationship to the world.

i’m involved with the systems and the south project, edited by arindam dutta, ijlal muzaffar, and fabiola lópez-durán. here’s a brief summary of the project:

How have architectural practitioners and consultants –within or in confronting the South – addressed themselves to problems that go beyond their formal or representational remit: to questions of biopolitics, the economy, politics, technological transfer, and so on? What kind of manipulations or transformations of the conventional protocols of design have been occasioned in these encounters with external disciplines? Conversely, what kinds of new assertions have been made about the practice of architecture, even of aesthetics in general? 


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