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a vida é um sopro


le confieso que estoy un poco cansado de hablar de arquitectura.

mas importante que la arquitectura es protestar en la calle

eso sí es importante, sentirse bien

sentir que no es una mierda, que está ahí para ser útil.

usted tiene que pensar en la política,

la política es importante, es la propia vida,

pensar en la miseria, procurar colaborar.

y cuando sienta que la situacion está demasiado mala

y no hay esperanza en el corazón de los hombres,

ahí, es la revolución.

[a vida é um sopro]—desde el principio, aquí

obrigado oscar!

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prisoners of ritoque


my article, “prisoners of ritoque: the open city and the ritoque concentration camp” is available at the journal of architectural education, 66:1. an abstract can be found on the link. this research was originally presented at princeton’s “teaching architecture, practicing pedagogy” conference. the piece has been in production for a long time and involved twitter contacts, skype-ing with former camp prisoners, emails to santiago and paris, and finally ended with a trip to ritoque guided by a friend of a friend who is a diver and knows the area, and a collaborative google map where miguel lawner, former camp prisoner, pointed out the exact location of the camp for me. and of course, lots of library time. i’m amazed at the resources that allowed me to compile this research, and really happy and proud it’s finally out. if you run across it please check it out!

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