layered wall

this wall is next to the macba, in barcelona—a building in the middle of el raval that looks exactly how you’d expect a meier building from the mid 90s to look like: lots of white tiles, lots of corb references, lots of glass. as you might tell, i’m annoyed by the meier building and i really like this wall, and i just realized it’s because it’s the total opposite of the meier museum.

1. it is a collaborative work, where one person has layered their opinion over someone else’s. it includes contrarian and opposite voices. it’s a conversation of many without falling into hive thinking.

2. it keeps growing and evolving over time, and gets richer because of it. it doesn’t require maintenance: change is part of what it stands for.

3. it’s opinionated and political, critical of the status quo (those photographs are images of people loosing their homes because of the crisis, if i remember correctly).

4. part of it is unintended, accidental, and random. those walls were not designed to look like that, pieces just fell away.

5. … and some parts were broken off, which remind us that there’s an inherent violence that is part of creation—it’s not always good, but we should understand what it does and how it operates. some demolishing and clearing is necessary—we shouldn’t allow nostalgia to hinder creativity.

i like this wall as an example of good collaboration—an example creative groups and creative cities should follow.

this post brought to you by my first bottle of red in paris.

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