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Estadio Centenario, Montevideo, Uruguay (foto Henry_UY).

el arquitecto es juan scasso. le corbusier lo vio en construccion cuando paso por montevideo en 1929. el primer mundial de futbol se jugo aqui en 1930—los uruguayos ganaron, y el estadio se quedo con buena suerte. mas sobre arquitectura moderna uruguaya, aqui.


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a list of links on digital reading

digital sources

google books

project gutenberg

open library

the internet archive texts

commentary and critique

Janneke Adema, “Scanners, collectors and Aggregators. On the ‘underground movement’ of (pirated) theory text sharing” Open Reflections (20 September 2009)

Esposito, Joseph. “The Terrible Price of Free: On E-reading Jane Austen via Google’s E-Books” The Scholarly Kitchen (14 March 2011)

Esposito, Joseph. “The processed book” First Monday [Online], Volume 8 Number 3 (3 March 2003) 

Guldi, Jo. Link to several posts on Google Books and the Digital Humanities.

Negroponte, Nicolas “The Book is Dead, Long Live the Narrative” (31 August 2010)

Nunberg, Geoffrey, “Google’s Book Search: A Disaster for Scholars,” The Chronicle, (31 August 2009) [paywalled]

O’Malley, Mike “The Marginalia ‘Crisis’” The Aporetic (21 February 2011)

Varnelis, Kazys “Against Print” (14 February 2011)

[this post will be updated periodically as i find—or you link me to—more sources. i’ve avoided linking to digital text sources that might be infringing copyright law because they move for a reason]

Helft, Miguel “Judge Rejects Google’s Deal to Digitize Books” New York Times (22 March 2011)

Darnton, Robert “A Digital Library Better Than Google’s” New York Times (23 March 2011)

Neary, Lynn “The Future of Libraries in the E-Book Age” NPR (4 April 2011)

ingermewburn “Don’t type ‘format c’” The Thesis Whisperer (7 April 2011) [practical advice on digital reading and writing software options]

leer esta de moda [latest gadget to hit the market—castillian accent always a plus]

what’s next for digital publishing? computer arts uk

february 2012 modern era’s “destruction of the library of alexandria” breaking culture

the academic’s writer’s strike the thesis whisperer

locked in the ivory tower: why JSTOR imprisons academic research the atlantic

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saarinen meets robotech

post brought to you by the latest images from the twa terminal renovation on the times magazine and procrastination over other more important tasks.

(for the record i’m a fan of both saarinen and robotech)

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In the Distance *rip 2010

I recently co-edited the proceedings for “In the Distance,” the 2010 *rip conference with my colleague, Alla Vronskaya. *research-in-progress is an annual graduate student conference organized by students of the History, Theory, and Criticism of Architecture and Art group at MIT. The 2010 conference was organized by Alla Vronskaya, Ash Lettow, and yours truly. Take a look and/or download!

Open publication – Free publishingMore architecture

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