3 stadiums in colombia

…tied to jorge gaitan cortes, architect, politician, mayor of bogota, and part of a group of architects involved with the state during postwar latin america, whom i’m interested in. the stadiums were done in collaboration with gonzalez zuleta for the ardeco firm. also, world cup-themed post, of course.

atanasio girardot stadium, medellin 1953. note elegant tilt down for reduced seating (and maybe a change of grade? not sure) behind the goal posts. in another life, i used to design soccer stadiums.

pascual guerrero stadium, cali 1937, remodeled 1948. very nice expression of structural ribs and underside of seating. looking at the section published in proa in 1955 (sorry, can’t post here), there seems to have been a later addition in the bottom, which definitely clutters the base. or, the section drawings omitted this portion. any colombian readers out there?

nemesio camacho ‘el campin’ stadium, bogota 1938, remodeled late 1940s. nice projection of the seating into sculptural wing, closed, in contrast with the bare bones aesthetic of the previous stadium.

note: no, i’m not from colombia. i’m from ecuador. i just happen to like these stadiums. coincidentally, when the nemesio camacho stadium was inaugurated in 1938 ecuador beat colombia 2:1. at least that’s what wikipedia says, therefore it must be true.

ps. also cool: the baseball stadium in cartagena, 1947 by solano, ortega, gaitan, santacruz, and burbano.

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